TYCOON.IO, a platform that creates a synergy between novice cryptocurrency traders and professionals experienced traders.

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Are you confused about what strategy to use in cryptocurrency trading? Of course, things like this are often experienced by people who are new to cryptocurrency trading. The absence of a plan in trading, both fundamental and technical, can be fatal because of the inability to predict price movements so that someone often experiences losses.

Then the question arises what steps I should take to minimize losses in cryptocurrency trading? Of course, you have to learn about technical or fundamental strategies in cryptocurrency trading, and this takes a lot of time and experience in the crypto market. Still, there is an easy way, namely copying strategies from professional traders. Without the need for knowledge in trading, you can follow the strategy/plan and steps of traders professionals. Is it possible to do such a thing in cryptocurrency trading?

Okay, in this article, I will introduce a new platform called Tycoon. On the Tycoon platform, even without trading knowledge, you can follow the strategies of professional traders, not only 1 trader but also the positions of several traders in the market. So even if you don’t understand the technical approach to open or close a position in the market, you can follow a trader you think has the experience and good trade history.

The video below is a brief explanation of how Tycoon works :

Explore an ever-expanding variety of cryptocurrencies and automatically copy the underlying assets from professional traders in Tycoon community.

On the Tycoon platform, there will be 3 types of users, namely followers, traders, and demo users.

  • Followers are investors who have capital but do not have the ability to trade cryptocurrencies, or you could say people who are new to crypto trading. The follower logs into the platform and then chooses a suitable trader to copy.
  • Traders are experienced investors and are familiar with the cryptocurrency market, and they already have strategies and steps to enter and exit the market. These professional traders will maximize their trading results to bring in followers.
  • Demo Users are the same as followers but do not use real money, or real capital, this type of account is only used for people who want to try the platform.

Here’s what the Tycoon platform (BETA) looks like when accessed on a desktop browser :

User Interface of Tycoon Platform (BETA)

you can try to create a tycoon account here: https://app.tycoon.io/register

Followers benefits :
- best support in the selection of traders
- flexibility in following
- stop loss feature

Trader benefits :
- best support in positioning on tycoon
- low administrative burden
- additional sources of income

Why choose Tycoon?

Profit Share
Both traders and followers benefit from a profit share based business model where Tycoon only generates revenue when users earned profits.

Followers have the option to operate on the platform anonymously.

Copy traders
Followers are able to copy strategies from professional traders with little effort.

Simple and intuitive
Connect your API key and you’re good to go. Tycoon’s platform takes care of the rest.

Traders are ranked based on several metrics with the most important one being their performance. Followers can filter through their options and choose the best for them.

Tycoon’s Token
Tycoon token has several use cases inside Tycoon platform such as increasing follower’s profit share.

source image : https://twitter.com/tycoon

About Tycoon Token

Tycoon Token is an Ethereum (erc20) based token that will use on the Tycoon platform. According to what I read, one of the functions of TYC tokens on this platform is staking, so you can stake TYC tokens to earn passive income. TYC is also used for profit share in copy trading functionality and access to exclusive features on the tycoon platform in the future.

Tokenomics :
- Token Name : TYCOON
- Token Symbol : TYC
- Total Supply : 140.000.000 TYC
- Token Contracts (ERC20) : https://etherscan.io/token/0x3A82D3111aB5faF39d847D46023d9090261A658F
- Distribution :
- 60% sale
- 18% team
- 14% partnership
- 5% Bounty/Airdrop
- 3% Advisor

You can get TYC tokens on exchange bittrex, uniswap, bitglobal, whitebit. For prices and other information, you can check at: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/tycoon/

Public launch and TYC Staking phase 3 will begin on Tuesday, November 30th, at 10:00 UTC
users who stake more than 8000 $ TYC will get full access to all the special features on the tycoon platform. How to join the community?
– Register on app.tycoon.io and complete your KYC
– Connect your Binance account by creating an API key on Binance and pasting it in your Tycoon account settings.
– Buy $TYC on exchanges if you don’t have any so far.
– Stake your $TYC in your dashboard without any fees!
– Choose your favorite trader from Leaderboard on Tycoon platform where you can find hundreds of traders.
– Follow the trader and lean back! Watch your portfolio changing with every trade of your trader within a fraction of a second!

Keep in mind that no one has access to your portfolio except you. Funds are never stored on Tycoon.

source image : https://twitter.com/tycoon

Be the best Trader or follow the best Traders.

And finally, this article is not financial advice. Investment decisions are in your hands, always do research, and do with your own risk; if you like my writing, please share, clap and comment. And if you have questions and want to know more about the Tycoon project, you can visit the links below :

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