PumSwap, Decentralized Exchanges with 3 different types of chain (network). Presale is Live!

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One of the drawbacks of CEX or centralized exchanges is hacker attacks or bankruptcy from the exchange. For you who have been in the cryptocurrency world for a long time, you must have heard or even experienced the loss of assets from CEX, which went bankrupt or was hit by hacker attacks.

Because of these shortcomings, DEX or decentralized exchanges appear. On DEX, there is no third party that controls the exchange/market, and everything is decentralized. Dex can overcome the risk of losing assets and privacy problems.

In my article this time, I will introduce a new project whose primary focus is a decentralized exchange (dex). This project is called PumSwap. Unlike pancakeswap or uniswap, which only runs on one chain, dex from PumSwap will run / support in 3 chains, bsc (smartchain), erc (ethereum) and OkexChain Network.

PumSwap is a unique & decentralized exchange platform with 3 different types of network.

source image : https://twitter.com/Pumswap_

One of the missions of PumSwap is To create a strong foundation for the community by giving them incentives in exchange for their support of the Swap Platform, creating an advanced ecosystem for automated liquidity provisioned on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum & OkexChain Mainnet Network.

If you want to see what the dex from PumSwap looks like, you can go to the beta launch from the PumSwap trading platform below: https://app.pumswap.finance/

PumSwap Interface on desktop browser

Standard features found on dex such as swap & trade, add liquidity, pools, and farms are also available on the PumSwap platform.

For the token of the PumSwap platform named PumSwap token (PUM), the PumSwap token (PUM) is a smart chain-based token (bep20). You can earn PUM token from farming & staking PUM lp token on PumSwap platform. There is also a burn mechanism where all farms take a 2.5% burn when you stake, 2% will be used to buy PUM tokens and then burn. The contract will send the remaining 0.5% to the developer address for another audit, social contest, and advertisement. The fees on the PumSwap platform are pretty cheap compared to another dex, which is only 2.5%, and if the price of the PUM token is stable enough, the fees can be much more affordable.


Token Name : PumSwap
Token Ticker : PUM
Decimals : 18
Total Supply : 300,000,000
Smart Contract : https://bscscan.com/address/0x11608edd16091f296f12d362cb8756655c7fa986

If you are interested in making the PUM token from PumSwap one of your crypto asset portfolios, you can directly visit the following presale link: http://pumswap.org/presale

With a rate of 1 bnb = 10000 PUM and a maximum purchase of 5 bnb.

In addition, presale investors who buy at least 1 bnb get a chance to win a bonus prize with a total of 10,000 usdt reward pool for three random winners. Winners will be announced three days after the presale ends.

1. First winner : $5000 usdt
2. Second winner : $3000 usdt
3. Third winner : $2000 usdt

After the presale, there will be 3 ICO stages where the price per PUM token goes up at each stage, and the ICO stage will start from 27 Dec 2021.

So don’t miss the chance to join the presale.

The target hard cap of the PumSwap presale is 100 bnb.

That’s my article about PumSwap dex platform and PUM tokens, keep in mind that I only share information about the projects. All investment decisions and risks are in your own hands, always dwyor and dyor.

Thank you for reading my article, don’t forget to clap, comment, and share if you like my article. Thank you.

For more details about PumSwap you can visit the links below :


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