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Hi crypto lovers, in my article this time, I will introduce one cryptocurrency project that I think is worthy for you to know. The name of this project is Galaxy Heroes Coin.

Galaxy heroes coin (GHC) is a token-based on bep-20 (Binance Smart Chain). GHC is a new project that was released this year but has achieved fantastic achievements. When I write this article, GHC has more than 20,000 holders with a market cap of 91 million USD; as per the data on coinmarketcap, this token has a price increase of 800% since its release.

The three main utilities of this galaxy heroes coin project are:

  • Galaxy Swap

It’s a decentralized exchange where you can swap different types of coins.

  • Galaxy Stake

It’s a farm feature of galaxy heroes where you can store or hold some galaxy tokens to get a reward with an APR (annual percentage rate) percentage, which is attractive to investors.

  • Galaxy NFT

the nft feature of galaxy heroes, this feature itself is the nft marketplace, and there are 2500 nft heroes, this galaxy nft is still in coming soon status and will launch soon.

In the future, this project will also have a pvp game that is currently under development.

Join and become a Galaxy Hero, community driven token that has full staking farm, NFT’s and listed on many CEX. Galaxy Heroes combat will be an app based PVP game that is under development.

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Galaxy Heroes Coin

Ticker : GHC

Contract address : 0x683fae4411249Ca05243dfb919c20920f3f5bfE0

Decimals : 9

Total Supply : 1,000,000,000,000,000

If you pay attention in this year, game tokens/coins and nft have a lot of fans. Lots of game tokens/coins and nft have achieved success. And this is what galaxy heroes project uses, it brings nft and games to attract people to form a large community. Creating a large and solid community will have a very positive impact on the progress of a cryptocurrency project.

For the security audit of this token itself, the info I got was that the galaxy heroes coin is in the process of a “CERTIK” security audit.

Contract Features :

  1. Anti Whale

According to the whitepaper that I’ve read, Galaxy Heroes Coin will limit the number of coins that can be held to prevent whales monopoly, which is only 0.4% of the total supply.

2. Anti Bots

this mechanism is built into the contract for bot prevention at the time of initial launch.

3. Anti dump

quite an exciting feature where only 1/4 coins can be sold in 24 hours.

4. Buybacks

based on whitepaper, 2% on transactions supply the buyback wallet to assist with a steady chart.

That’s my little writing about this project, and this is not financial advice. The investment risk is in your own hands. If you think this project is worth considering and want to make a galaxy heroes coin as your portfolio, you can buy this coin in several cex or dex, such as pancakeswap, lbank, cointiger, etc. You can see the updated market and price list info for this coin at

The main thing you need to remember is, first study or research each coin/token you want to adopt. If you want to know more about this project, you can visit the links below:

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