Many Amazing Utilities on The PeachFolio Ecosystem

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For those of you who like to invest in cryptocurrencies, of course, you have a lot of crypto assets on various platforms or exchanges, and maybe you store your crypto assets in several wallets.

Price volatility in cryptocurrencies makes you monitor your crypto assets continuously. Therefore, the importance of a portfolio application is to monitor your assets’ movement in real-time in one application. So you don’t need to monitor your assets one by one on various platforms or exchanges, but enter all the value of your assets into one portfolio application.

This time, in my article, I will introduce you to a project called PeachFolio. PeachFolio building a multi-platform ecosystem that delivers data, market analytics, news, and financial tools for multiple blockchains.

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Maybe you have experienced buying or investing in a new token and then putting it in your portfolio application. Still, the value of the token is not detected. In the PeachFolio app, you will not find problems like this. PeachFolio can track every Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum ( ETH) chain, and polygon (will be available soon) token in your wallets, no matter how new the token is or when the token was launched. It’s not limited to the chains I’ve mentioned, but PeachFolio will support various chains, such as Cardano, Solana, etc.

In terms of security, the PeachFolio application will never ask for your wallet seed phrase but only uses your public wallet address information.

Smarter, Safer, Simpler DeFi experience for everyone.

What are the ecosystems in the PeachFolio?

  1. PeachFolio Mobile App
  2. PeachHub
  3. PeachLearn
  4. PeachFinance, Wallet, and Insurance
  5. PeachNFT & PeachGaming

- PeachFolio Mobile App

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With Peachfolio Mobile App, you can track all BSC or Ethereum tokens in your portfolio. Features such as portfolio monitoring, tools, charting, price alerts, profit and loss statements, transaction reports, reflection tracking, and, of course, fully customizable make everything easy and convenient to use.

- PeachHub

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Web application integrated with the mobile app, PeachHub gives you essential information when you’re on the move and detailed analysis when you’re at the desk. With main features such as portfolio tracking, advanced technical analysis tools, advanced alerts, capital gains tax calculations, news feed, and presale market analysis.

- PeachLearn

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Educational resources where you can learn about trading techniques or tips on avoiding scams and other exciting content created by the PeachFolio team and experienced contributors worldwide.

- PeachAnalytics

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Main features such as upcoming social trends, whale monitor, aggregated influencer analysis, and private doxxing will make your trading decisions more accurate.

- PeachFinance, Wallet, and Insurance

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With PeachFinance, you can trade, store, and earn interest on your crypto assets. Peachfinance main features: peach wallet, automatic dollar-cost averaging (DCA) orders, Defi Farming, stop losses and limit orders, real-time token charts. And with PeachFolio insurance can help you mitigate the risk against incidents like rugging or honeypot, which you often find in crypto projects.

- PeachNFT and PeachGaming

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Peachfolio also has an NFT and Game ecosystem according to the current trend.

Of all the ecosystems I mentioned above in the PeachFolio, there are different account levels where the features you get are adjusted to the number of PeachFolio tokens ($PCHF) you hold. In the photo below, you can see what the differences in features are according to the PeachFolio account level:

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Token Name
: peachfolio
Token Ticker : PCHF
Contract Address : 0xc1cbfb96a1d5361590b8df04ef78de2fa3178390
Total Supply : 1,000,000,000

If you ask how you can get PCHF tokens to get pro features in PeachFolio, you can directly buy PCHF on pancakeswap at the following link:

Or you can search with PCHF smart contract on pancakeswap by yourself.

You can download the PeachFolio app on the “play store” and “app store”.

Are you interested in making PCHF one of your future token portfolios? And make the PeachFolio app a powerful application you use in your daily life as a crypto trader or investor.

That’s the article I wrote about PeachFolio. I just wrote a little about the introduction of a project, and your task is to find out more details about the project, always DWYOR and DYOR, investment decisions and risks are in your own hands.

Thank you for reading my article.

If you want to know more about the PeachFolio project and the PCHF token, you can visit the links below.


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