“Galaxy Heroes Coin” New Nft’s Project on SmartChain Ecosystem

source image : https://www.facebook.com/GalaxyHeroesCoin

Crypto assets that are on the rise and attracting public attention today are NFT or non-fungible tokens. NFTs have changed the trend of crypto in recent years. Various kinds of NFT projects have emerged and developed. People who were previously unfamiliar with crypto have become interested in Nft.

The number of NFTs sold at fantastic prices is the main factor why people are interested in knowing or buying NFT directly in the market.

In short, according to my understanding, nft is a work of art that is traded, and each nft has its uniqueness as proof of ownership by using blockchain technology. Nft can be in photos, pictures, paintings, music, video games, etc.

One of the projects I want to introduce in this article is a crypto project with an nft marketplace feature. In the future, this nft will be used in pvp games that are still in the development process project is called “GALAXY HEROES COIN.”

source image : https://twitter.com/GalaxyHeroesGHC

For those of you who like nft, especially nft superheroes and pvp video games, this project you must know more about, there are more than 2500 nft heroes that you can request at the following link https://dex.galaxyheroescoin.com/#/mintnfts. The fantastic thing is that according to the official tweet from Galaxy Heroes, it only took 25 minutes after the launch of 2500 Galaxy Heroes NFT to sell out, fantastic.

source image : https://twitter.com/GalaxyHeroesGHC

Since its release, the price of this galaxy heroes coin has increased by almost 800%, with a total market cap of 90 million USD; this is certainly a positive trend of a cryptocurrency project.

This is a quote I read in a telegram group about this nft: “Looking further ahead, NFT Heroes will eventually transform into a DAO Metaverse community. NFT holders will have governance rights over the key decisions made by the DAO. This right will be principally exercised through direct voting and designation of multi-sig signatures to the DAO’s treasury. NFT Heroes provides its version of a play-to-earn metaverse, meaning that gamers have ownership over all in-game assets.”

As for other uses of these NFT Galaxy Heroes, you can stake this NFT to get a BNB reward, and you can find out more about the staking process of NFT Galaxy Heroes at the links that I will include at the end of this article.

Suppose you are interested in becoming one of the nft collectors from galaxy heroes. In that case, you can join the telegram group from galaxy heroes here https://t.me/galaxyheroescoin to get information on the next nft sale, or if you miss the nft presale, you can buy directly in the marketplace nft from galaxy heroes.

The thing to remember is that the rarer the nft is, the more expensive it will be, so keep an eye on the scarcity of the nft you get and never sell it at a low price.

Note: my writing is not financial advice, do your own research and do with your own risk because your investment decisions are in your own hands.

link to learn more about the Galaxy Heroes project :

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