Educational institution payments with Edgecoin Pay

Have you ever imagined how the Education system combines with the blockchain system? this is undoubtedly an innovation and expected to solve educational institutions’ problems.

This article will explain one blockchain project that focuses on developing integration between blockchain and the education sector. This project is called EdgeCoin Pay.

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What is EdgeCoin?

EdgeCoin is a stable coin like Usdt, Usdc, etc. But EdgeCoin is more focused on education. EdgeCoin provides an open payment system for educational institutions. Individuals can make education-related payments such as enrollment fees, accommodation, books, and another educational spending via a decentralized application.

EdgeCoin is a stellar-based coin, has a transaction speed of 5 to 10 seconds, much faster than other payment systems. The transaction costs are cheap, so the use of EdgeCoin for payment for Education services is cheap and instant.

Because this EdgeCoin is a stable coin, the value of the EdgeCoin does not fluctuate. The value of 1 EdgeCoin is equal to 1 Usd.

The exploration of blockchain technology implemented by Edgecoin Pay expects to solve problems that focus on Education applications. This innovation can certainly be successful if it highlights the features and advantages of blockchain technology itself.

Paying the universities fees with reduced costs, instant transactions, protection of the identity, and transparency of transactions are some of the advantages of blockchain if applied in educational institutions.

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In addition to EdgeCoin, a stable coin, this project also has a coin/token whose value fluctuates as a Defi token, and the token is named GradeCoin.

What is GradeCoin?

You will automatically get GradeCoin if you hold EdgeCoin. GradeCoin is not like EdgeCoin, which has a stable value. Still, GradeCoin has a fluctuating price in the Defi market later. The team from EdgeCoin pay claims that high demand and interest in this project will increase the value of GradeCoin 10x shortly and 100x in the long term.

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Of course, this feature is an added value for Edgecoin because, besides the benefits obtained from the Edgecoin Pay feature, we can also get passive income from Gradecoin, earn while you learn, interesting!

The following is an image of the fund distribution and token distribution of EdgeCoin (EDGT) and GradeCoin (GRTC).

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Edge contract : 0xDC3783Df293709790D15e04a64269e3bF86bcC16

Grade contract : 0xaB1B0730c394B79DB30eDee995Aa49098CeefaaD

As additional information on the EdgeCoin Pay website, EdgeCoin users have reached 108,000+ with 320 supported countries.

Blockchain Revolution In Educational Sector

EdgeCoin, founded by Luke Arliss in 2017, is UK-based and operates worldwide, with a global network. EdgeCoin is the first educational digital Stable Coin that is also backed with a reward mechanism of fluctuating #DeFi Token.

How EdgeCoin Works?

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1. Install & register EdgeCoin via App.

2. Purchase your EdgeCoin from the App.

3. User your EdgeCoin smartly.

To buy EdgeCoin you will need a wallet, an online app that can hold your currency. You create an account on an exchange, and then you can transfer real money to buy EdgeCoin. These EdgeCoins then be used to pay for all your educational needs, including fees, books and will be accepted by the many universities that are coming online to accept EdgeCoin payments.

Advantages of EdgeCoin

1. Most affordable solution and lowest transaction fees.

2. Reduced costs.

3. Instant Transaction.

4. Protection of the identity.

5. Automatic staking of DEFI token called GradeCoin

6. Globally accepted.

So if you think EdgeCoin is the future for all smart education payments and you want to be a part of this revolution, let’s know more about this project and be part of the EdgeCoin pay community.

Visit the link below to find out more information about EdgeCoin pay:



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