Blockchain and Crypto is easy to understand with docuseries “Crossing The Yellow Blocks”

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There are still many people who think cryptocurrency is something negative. Some people think that cryptocurrency is the same as money games or Ponzi scheme businesses. This ignorance because due to a lack of education about cryptocurrencies and how blockchain technology can change the world.

One of the most effective media for education about cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology is films. Many people access it, especially if the film is on a streaming platform or application to watch movies. People who are not familiar with crypto can reach the information and understand much more when watching cryptocurrency/blockchain education packaged in a film.

In my writing this time, I will discuss a project that I think is unique where the film industry is combined with blockchain technology. The application of blockchain technology is now very widespread in almost all industrial sectors utilizing the sophistication of blockchain technology, including the film industry.

This project is called “Crossing The Yellow Blocks,” The first tokenized docu-series. Crossing the yellow blocks is a docuseries film. This film discusses blockchain technology and everything related to cryptocurrencies, such as decentralized finances, CEX, Mining, social blockchain communities, etc. This docuseries aims to educate people about what blockchain is and what benefits there are in blockchain technology.

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The total episodes of this docuseries are ten episodes, of which episode 1 has been released. You can watch it on Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube, or Apple TV. This series may also be available on other film platforms like Netflix.

The first episode of crossing the yellow blocks discusses a new paradigm: blockchain technology. The people who appear in the film are experienced and professionals in crypto or blockchain. Below is the video trailer of episode #1 crossing the yellow blocks :

The producer of this docuseries is “Cometoland Productions,” an integrated film production company based in Andorra. It offers a wide range of services, including public and private film production, consultation, design, digital, advertising, marketing, audiovisual, planning & strategy. You can visit their website here:

As I discussed at the beginning of this article, “Crossing The Yellow Blocks” is The first tokenized docuseries. It integrates blockchain technology into the film. Tokenization is the process of converting an asset into it’s the digital counterpart and managing it on a blockchain platform, for example, converting a real estate property into equivalent digital tokens.

The token name for this project is the CBK token, which holders can use to enhance the docuseries experience by interacting with the Yellow Dapp. Well, later, there will be a decentralized app in this project. You can see it at, still under construction but will be released soon.

$CBK token is an erc20 based token and deployed to tokenize every millisecond of the exposure time on the docuseries “Crossing the Yellow Blocks, and with $CBK you can use the Yellow dAPP to get brand exposure in the same docuseries that is already featured in Apple TV+ and Google Play.

With $CBK tokens, you can participate in the next docuseries, such as introducing a cryptocurrency project on docuseries. If the team project does not want to spend money on making docuseries, yellow dapp can target their community/holders directly and decentralize the payment. Or the project team can create a pool in the YellowDapp with the community the remaining tokens that the team doesn’t want to pay. For example, you could have the team finance 30% and holders the other 70% in this case.

In addition, Holder can also use the CBK token for e-commerce from a platform called The Yellow Shop, e-commerce powered by smart contracts, it’s designed to distribute brand merchandise and also explain how open smart contracts can manage p2p transactions in a cool manner.

CBK Token is the gas of The Yellow Dapp and The Yellow Shop


Token Name : Crossing The Yellow Blocks
Ticker : CBK
Token type : ERC20
Role of token : Utility/Voting
Total Supply : 21.000.000
Initial value : $0.333
Initial marketcap : $6.993.000
Deflationary : variable at redeems
Contract :


Holders : 51%
Film Production : 30%
Dex Uniswap Liquidity : 7%
Token promotion : 7%
Token launch & advisory : 3%
Security & infrastructure : 2%

Suppose you are interested in making CBK token as one of your crypto portfolios, and you are interested in interacting with the Yellow Dapp or Yellow Shop in the future. In that case, you can directly buy at several dex such as pancakeswap, apeswap and uniswap, CBK itself already supports Ethereum chain or binance smartchain, CBK tokens also already listed on coinmarketcap and coingecko you can visit the link to see the current price and other statistics about this token.

Finally, this article is not financial advice. All investment decisions are in your own hands. I just wrote a little introduction about this project, and your task is to find out more about it before deciding to invest, do with your own risk, do your own research. Below are the links if you want to know more about the Crossing The Yellow blocks:


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