Aspen Labs with Hypersphere, dCOLLECT and dLEND

I will introduce a new project called Aspen Labs. Aspen Labs is a decentralized application company with a token named “Aspen Governance Token” (ASPEN). This Aspen Token will use on the Aspen Labs platform.

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Aspen token is Erc-20 based token (Ethereum network). To get Aspen Token, the dev team from Aspen Labs doesn’t hold a presale/private sale, then how to get Aspen token? So to get Aspen tokens is through staking on Defi Exchanges from Aspen Labs called Hypersphere (one of the three dAPPs from Aspen Labs that will release in the 2-year roadmap).

Token: Aspen Governance Token

Symbol: ASPEN

Smart Contract Addresses: 0x2f60462F8e5daADb2dEB5AF47d01E53bEA642e69

The total supply of aspen is 45,000,000, with 30,000,000 available via staking, 10,000,000 for aspen team, and 5,000,000 for aspen foundation.

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And don’t worry about the portion for team aspen tokens. It will be dispersed at a rate of 2,000,000 a year for five years post-release of tokens to prevent dump prices in the market caused by team members.

Allotment of 5,000,000 aspen will use for promotion, audit, and development purposes. Meanwhile, 30,000,000 aspen available via staking will distribute in the following manner; 3,000,000 per year, which works out to 8,219 tokens per day distributed. Aspen token distribution will halve every three years. By years 7–10 after the release of protocol, only 750,000 tokens per year will release.

For more details about the distribution of Aspen tokens, you can read here: How Aspen Token Will Be Distributed

If you ask how to trade Aspen? In the future, this token can be traded on any decentralized exchange or on the Defi Exchange platform from Aspenlabs itself, namely Hypersphere. And team dev will add to more exchanges and will keep the community updated as this progresses.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Aspen Labs platform will have three main dAPPs in the initial two years of development (roadmap). The three dAPPs are Hypersphere, dCOLLECT, and dLEND.

Your Assets Your Future

What is Hypersphere?

It can be said that this Hypersphere is a Defi Exchange or automated market maker (AMM) from the Aspen Labs platform that allows theoretically an infinite combination of swaps to occur. So pairs, trios, and quads are possible.

Instead of 10,000 pools which Uniswap has, Hypersphere has only one pool for all tokens and the algorithm makes sure it’s stable. This way, there is more liquidity available to be traded at all times. Also, the Hypersphere will be on Moonbeam for cross-chain compatibility and low fees for ERC-20 users.

The Hypersphere works like any other decentralized exchange, whereby you connect your web-based wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet, etc.) and either trade tokens or deposit tokens to earn staking rewards. The benefit of the Hypersphere is that you only need to deposit one token, not both sides of a pair.

To find out more about this Hypersphere, you can read it here: Hypersphere

What is dCOLLECT?

Aspen Labs has dCOLLECT an NFT marketplace and auction host for historical moments. dCOLLECT is historical NFT series bringing events like the American, French, and Cuban Revolutions into the collectible world.

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Each token has an associated image of a person, event, or custom image that had a role in the historical events that the series is base on it. Rarity is universal, and each historical moment is 1 of 1.

All NFTs are released on initially. After that, it is at the owner’s discretion about where they want to sell, bid, or buy our NFTs. These NFTs are compatible with most major marketplaces that offer ERC-721 or ERC-1155 sales.

And this Nft is stakeable, to be one way to get aspen tokens.

Read more details about dCOLLECT here: dCOLLECT Stakeable Nfts

What is dLEND?

dLEND is the final list of 3 dAPPs that will be available on Aspen Labs. Team dev has put this as the last application in the dAPP stack because it will require the most infrastructure to make it functional. Not simply digital infrastructure but real-world infrastructure and compliance with regulations in multiple countries.

dLEND is a social financing application that allows lenders to pool their money and earn passive interest rates when Aspen lends on their behalf. A platform that allows digital asset holders to earn by socially financing mortgages and student loans.

dLEND provides a massive opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. The conditions for dLEND Operation is simple. lender deposits stable coins, and Aspen will convert that to fiat. Aspen will loan that fiat to a qualified borrower, and upon repayment, the initial lender receives their principle plus interest. Also, lender can easily set up their profile to determine which area of interest or a specific type of people their money is to be lent out — either student or mortgages.

That’s a little explanation from me about the Aspen Labs project. It would be best if you remembered that this project is a long-term project with an extraordinary vision for the future. If you are interested in supporting this project or want to know more about Aspen Labs and its features, you can visit the link below:

My ETH Address : 0x727d137bff4a5a766fa9e6a42ffb2a4155b1ec51



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